My Friends call me 'Bird'.

My Real name is Matthew Loreto

I'm a freelance motion designer, animator, video editor, videographer, and whatever else you can think of in the field of video production. Based out of Toronto, in this technological day and age I'm never very far from the other side of the world. I studied at the Ontario College of Art & Design (presently OCADU) and worked for a variety of organizations creating videos and animations before heading out on my own.

Think of motion design as 'graphic design that moves'. Chances are you encounter motion design more often than you may think. Whenever you see a logo fly in during a commercial, an animation on YouTube or even watching the news crawl on a television, it was a motion designer who created whatever you're watching. When it comes to video production motion design is almost as indispensible as the water we drink and the air we breath. It helps create images and ideas that couldn't otherwise exist in reality. Many people wouldn't identify something they watch specifically as 'motion design' but everyone remembers when they see something really cool. With motion design there is almost nothing you can't do to make your video project stand out among the rest.

I think the reason that I love video is because I don't believe there's a single person on earth who doesn't enjoy it. Show me someone who hasn't shared a video that they saw online and I'll show you a photograph of myself vacationing on Neptune (without the help of Photoshop). Whether you're looking to create a music video, public service announcement, company profile or simply some art the Nest can help get what's in your head onto a screen. Formally trained and with years of experience, the Nest has produced pieces for television, public screenings and internet viewing. Whether you come to the table with a thoroughly thought out idea or come with next to nothing, the Nest can help you get your message out into the world.

My nickname is an inside joke between my friends and I. If you ask, I would be glad to fill you in on it. If I tell it properly it might even be funny.